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Over 370 thousand hours of use for the series with Neri Marcorè (directed by myself). The numbers speak for themselves: the 'Il Santone' series obtained, according to Auditel online data, more than 1.4 millions views in the first two weeks, with over 370,000 hours of time spent in fruition.

Launched last February 25th, Il Santone

# lepiùbellefrasidiOscio immediately entered first place in the Original rankings and the results make it one of the most viewed titles of the RaiPlay genre ever. "

#ilsantone #lepiubellefrasidiosho #raiplay

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Enzo Baroni is an aerialist from Centocelle who suddenly disappears. When he returns, several months later, he has an Indian mundu, a long beard and a seraphic air. Nobody knows what happened to him, not even him, but what is certain is that now everyone hangs on his lips. In a short time the man attracts the attention of a television agent who sniffs the deal and transforms Enzo from aerialist into the "Santone di Centocelle", known for all as Oscio.

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